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Bail and Legal Fund for Those Arrested During Ferguson Anti-Police Demonstrations



A bail and legal fund has been established to support the 43 or so people who have been arrested during the anti-police demonstrations in Ferguson, Mo.  Please spread the word widely and help us get some money together to get these people out.

Also, we are looking for information on who was arrested so we can get them legal support and bail them out if necessary. If you have a friend or family member who was arrested, please email us their name at

All funds collected will be used to support those arrested during the demonstrations–their bail money, fines, legal funds, or other related expenses. In the unlikely event that there are additional funds, they will be used to support people resisting police repression and police violence in the future.

(via iamthethunder)

Everyone Wants to Know "Why"


By Charlie


Dear Teenager,

I don’t know which is more enraging: to be told that you’re like this because of what happened, or to be told that something happened because you’re like this.

"This" is transgender.

Everyone wants to know why, wants to find some reason or explanation. Is…

The Legend of Billie Jean

The Legend of Billie Jean